Clive F Sorrell


Dubai faces a water crisis. The aquifers far beneath the peninsular and the seawater desalination plants are no longer capable of meeting the huge demand of the rapidly expanding city.

     Stuart, a geologist, is searching for new subterranean aquifers when Helen, his young wife, buys him a surprise birthday present. She finds a pendant in the gold souk that proves to be an ancient map to the mythical city of Iram, the city of pillars. This was Arabia’s own Atlantis that was considered lost beneath the desert sands in 1,000BC. This innocent discovery drags Stuart and his beautiful wife into a murderous hunt for the fabled city during which they are helped by an old friend and some loyal colleagues to survive numerous attempts on their lives by amateur and professional assassins.

     From a further clue found within the Firaz mountains of Ras Al Khaimah they are compelled to enter the pitiless sand dunes of the Empty Quarter. There they find the ancient resting place of a king but are trapped far beneath the burning sands in his tomb by merciless killers who have been tracking them.

     Stuart has to choose between protecting the lost city of Iram by keeping it a secret or revealing its vast wealth to the world and risk the destruction of its beauty by the greed of man.




Published by Authorhouse in Paperback, Hardback and e-book formats