Clive F Sorrell


For thousands of years an island in the Arabian Gulf had not only been the centre of the pearl industry but had provided water to visiting fishermen and traders from many countries. The sweetest fresh water, drawn from aquifers far beneath the island and the seabed, created what was to be known as Bahrain, the Land of Two Seas.

     Whilst exploring the coastal reefs and wrecks off the coast Stuart Taylor and his colleague, Alan, who is also a good friend and fellow geologist in the oil company, discover a fifteenth-century Portuguese wreck and a sea chest containing pearls that had been hermetically sealed.

     This discovery becomes known to a merciless Iranian drug smuggler who offers to exchange Stuart’s kidnapped wife for the precious pearls. In searching for his wife Stuart stumbles across a shipment of heroin and with the help of his colleague and that of an old friend from Saudi Arabia, they lay a trap.

     On preparing to close the trap it is revealed that the real head of the smuggling ring is a royal personage and a paedophile. This corrupt prince is untouchable and has the power to make anyone disappear. The trio are unable to protect themselves from this level of power but are fortuitously saved by the unexpected actions of others.


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