The Life and Death of a Ton-Up


Clive F Sorrell


This is the tragic tale of two young motorcyclists whose close bond, born out of a passion for high speed, is ripped apart when a young woman dies beneath Hastings Pier. One blames the other, accusing him of murder to dramatically change their relationship. The accused teenager flees on his motorcycle, leaving home and family to take up a new life without any identity.

     He joins a group of travellers after saving a girl who has fallen into a flashflood but after a period of time he rejects his wandering lifestyle and travels to London. With no identification he is forced to beg on the streets to avoid being apprehended by the police until a woman finds him casual work in the fish market. She blackmails him into living and eventually sleeping with her, producing a son who he cherishes a great deal.

     Sixteen years after leaving his home and his parents a chance meeting with his ex-friend changes his life once more. He is blackmailed into becoming a courier in stolen antiques and then is pressured to deliver hard drugs for even harder men than his blackmailer.

     He rebels but the threat of being exposed to the police makes him do everything his ex-friend demands. During one of his many deliveries he meets and falls for an innocent young woman. Only then does he realise that he has to change if he is to have a decent life with her. His final decision culminates in a trail of death across the country.



Published by Authorhouse in Paperback, Hardback and e-book formats