Clive F Sorrell

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        In 1942 I began life in Farnborough Hospital as a VI flying bomb detonated nearby. When I was six my family emigrated to Australia only to return to England when I was ten.

     At fourteen I returned to Australia and began working in an advertising agency where I changed water pots and cleaned brushes for layout artists. Two years at night school resulted in becoming the youngest Licentiate Member of the Australian Advertising Institute.

      When eighteen I returned to England and took the position of trainee typographer in a London agency. I developed as an art director then copywriter, creative director and finally executive creative director with a number of national and multi-national advertising agencies.

     My writing ability gained twenty awards including a British Television Advertising Award, three Clios and a Cairo Film Festival gold for radio, television and print work during a creative career that began in Australia before moving to London, Johannesburg, (London again), Jeddah and Dubai. I was twice invited to be a judge.

      After fifty years in advertising I retired and returned from the Middle East to Suffolk. It was then I exchanged writing advertising faction for fiction and with Sophia, my wife, actively supporting me as a professional proofreader I began writing in earnest.

           Ten years on the Arabian Peninsular gave me an insight into the people and culture of the region as well as the activities of illegal moonshiners which inspired me to write and publish three crime/thrillers. Siddiqui, Kawthar and Jumana. I then revisited the 1960s and my dissipated youth in cafes and pubs to write a thriller about the motorcyclists who lived for speed entitled DURESS. The Life and Death of a Ton-Up.

     I recently completed The King’s Charter, the last in a series of crime/thrillers about a private detective suffering from narcolepsy, a real handicap when confronted by criminals and terrorists. The first is entitled Ingrid’s Children which is followed by The Distant Cousin. These novels are still in manuscript form and are seeking a publisher as adventurous as the main protagonist; one bold enough to traditionally publish an unknown author. Apart from averaging one novel a year my other interests include reading and travel.FIVE BOOKS (1)